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Power to your racks will be provided via individually wired 16 Amp supplies with separate breakers. This means that the power supply to your equipment is not at risk from others overloading shared breakers - a common problem in less sophisticated facilities.

The UPS and diesel generator system ensures continuous power supply to all equipment and these systems have a seven-day independent run time in the event of mains failure.

Advanced green UPS system

Our advanced green UPS system has unprecedented power conversion efficiency, up to 100% (unity), leading to considerable energy savings throughout its service life. This is a vast improvement on standard systems.

The amount of energy saved by the green UPS is equivalent to switching off 14 3KW electric fires running 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This high efficiency of power conversion represents a one third reduction on the energy loses against other manufacturers UPS systems.

The UPS is fully compliant with the European Code of Conduct for UPS Efficiency and Chloride have recently won the European UPS Company of the Year.

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