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The main data area is situated away from all exterior walls and benefits from a number of security features designed to provide equipment with maximum protection at all times.

For added security the data centre boasts CCTV monitoring, motion detection, 24/7/365 security guards that are stationed or perform regular checks of the premises, and an advanced access control system.

How can I view the MaNOC data centre?

Contact us at least 24 hours before you want to view the MaNOC data centre. We then give you the details of what it is we require in order to allow anyone into the facility.

If you have your own rack space within the data centre then you should contact MaNOC directly and provide details of each person arriving. If you have a server or solution that's provided by the ISP then they need to be contacted first.

The MaNOC security guards check photo ID's on arrival at the data centre, and then each visitor is asked to sign in with their details.

A security guard would then allow these visitors access to the facility, letting engineers access their equipment directly, or the ISP providing the space provides their own engineer to accompany the visitors to the equipment.

To speak to one of our experts on acquiring cages, racks or suites, contact us via our online enquiry form or call us on 0800 954 8225.

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