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Advanced features of MaNOC 1

Air conditioning

In MaNOC 1 the air conditioning is provided by under floor cooling by in room air handling units, the airflow directed appropriately by grilles in the floor. The equipment is advanced enough that should any unit failure the others are capable of handling.

Electrical Supply

Externally diverse routes from a main electricity board substation supply the facility. This power supply provides up to 1.3MW. A backup generator along with UPS guarantees that the facility is capable of sustaining long power outages to keep your server up and running at all times.

Fire Detection and Suppression

A VESDA fire detection system is installed so that any potential fire is detected before it can develop. In the remote event that a fire does develop a FM200 fire suppression system is in place to control it.


There is a high level of security at the data centre. Guards are on site 24 hrs a day with offsite backup to deal with any major event. CCTV, motion detection and a secure access system monitor all activity and access so that your equipment is totally safe.


The 80-NET UPS system has unprecedented power conversion efficiency, up to 100% (unity), leading to considerable energy savings throughout its service life.

This high efficiency of power conversion represents a one third reduction on the energy loses against other manufacturers UPS systems.

The UPS is fully compliant with the European Code of Conduct for UPS Efficiency and Chloride have recently won the European UPS Company of the Year.

Coolair Technology

Coolair technology is a sytem that makes sure cooled air is delivered to rack mounted equipment directly as there are many factors within a rack or aisle that can affect the flow of cooled air.

The system also prevents the warm air from getting into the cooled air aisles by using a containment system thus creating a cold aisle and a hot aisle.

Tests are still ongoing in a major London Data Centre that has already deployed this system and preliminary results have shown a 75 kW reduction in power usage for a 300 rack area.

At MaNOC 1 we guarantee the highest level of availability and security for server colocation so contact us on 0800 9548225 to discuss your co-location requirements.

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