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If I install my equipment at MaNOC, will I be under any obligation to purchase my telecommunications services from you?

Yes, however due to the competitive marketplace of telecommunications suppliers, MaNOC is able to constantly evaluate the providers to make sure that clients are receiving the best connectivity at the right price. Having so many providers available at the MaNOC facility enables us to switch providers when necessary whilst achieving minimum downtime.

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Who created and manages MaNOC?

MaNOC was established by UKFast.Net Ltd - the UK's Best Hosting Provider 2005-2008 - to read more click here

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Why should I install my equipment at a MaNOC rather than setting up my own in-house IT facility?

The majority of companies that opt to colocate at MaNOC do so in order to enjoy a more secure and resilient facility at a vastly reduced cost as the need to buy in generators, UPS and trained staff to supervise the equipment 24/7 is eradicated and any associated costs are shared between many customers. They know that it will be easier, more straightforward, and less expensive, than setting up and maintaining their own in-house facility.

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Why Colocate?

Colocation allows companies to enjoy a more secure and resilient facility at a vastly reduced cost; as the need to buy in generators, UPS and trained staff to supervise the equipment 24/7 is eradicated and any associated costs are shared between many customers

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What is Colocation?

Colocation: Providing network connections such as Internet leased lines to several servers housed together in a server room. This is typically provided as a commercial service.

The hyphenated form is the most common on the web, followed by "colocation".

"Colocation" is an old word with a similar meaning. It is common in dictionaries and follows the pattern of other Latin-derived words like collect, college, and collate, but is least common on the web.

Colocation services will connect a server owned by you to the Internet. However, if you do not have one already, a server can be built for you. This is the key difference between dedicated servers and colocated servers; the former is owned by the web hosting company and the latter is your own .

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How is the data centre maintained?

MaNOC is situated at a Secure Data Facility with a total area of 900m2. Raised flooring allows the provision of power and data cabling between racks and to telecommunications suppliers. Within the facility the temperature is controlled to 22 degrees and relative humidity maintained at 45%. The technical team are available 24/7/365 to provide a technical support service to rectify any faults that should occur with our service. We are also located at the home of MaNAP Internet exchange (IX). MaNAP was the second IX in the UK and allows members to exchange data between their networks at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

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What security systems do you have in place?

The main data area is situated away from all exterior walls and benefits from a number of security features designed to provide equipment with maximum protection at all times. These features include CCTV monitoring, motion detection, 24/7/365 security guards and an advanced access control system.

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What type of protection from fires does the facility have?

A sophisticated VESDA fire detection system is in operation and is coupled with CO2 and Halon gas fire suppression systems. This equipment is designed to ensure that any potential fire hazard is detected at a very early stage. In the unlikely event of a fire breaking out the suppression systems will extinguish the fire without damage to your valuable equipment

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How reliable is the power supply in the facility?

Power to racks is provided via individually wired and breakered 16 Amp supplies. This means that the power supply to your equipment is not at risk from others overloading shared breakers; this is a common problem in less sophisticated facilities.

The UPS and diesel generator system ensures continuous power supply to all equipment. These systems have a seven-day independent run time in the event of mains failure. Mains provision from the National Grid is via a dual ring supply.

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What monitoring systems can you provide?

MaNOC can provide a range of monitoring solutions to cover your network devices and servers. We can even monitor the performance of your websites from outside of your own network. We operate an SMS text messaging system from all servers, so that our technicians are alerted immediately if a problem should arise with any equipment. Using tailored procedures such as this we are able to use our technical team to immediately react to specific conditions and follow procedures to rectify any faults.

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Can you provide me with Internet connectivity?

With massive available and aggregated bandwidth, guaranteed 24x7 connectivity and the fastest, most sophisticated network in the UK, our bandwidth is dramatically faster than competing ISP's.

Whatever your usage patterns we can help with options of bandwidth by Usage or bandwidth by limitation, simply call 0870 421 1315. to discuss your requirements.

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I hear you offer a DNS management that is used by many other ISPs, how can I find out more?

Yes its called SafeDNS. The easy to use control panel gives you the autonomy to manage your DNS, controlling what you host and where.

UKFast's Research and Development team specifically designed this system to reduce the risks associated with hosting DNS, Mail and Web servers all on one server.

The Control Panel enables you to:

  • Host an unlimited number of branded domains
  • Carry out unlimited updates
  • Change MX records and A, C-name records
  • Change Txt records
  • Set-up sub-domains

For demonstration of SafeDNS please click

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How do we contact you?

If you are interested in colocating a MaNOC then call us on 0800 954 8225.

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Can I arrange a visit to the data centre?

We can arrange for you to take a look around the facilities - simply request a visit online or call us on 0870 421 1315.

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How do we contact your technical support team?

Our Engineers are available 24 hours a day, simply call 0800 230 0032 and you?ll reach them straight away, we don't use call centres the people who answer the phones are the people who build and maintain the servers.

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