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Help reduce the internets carbon footprint by colocating at the MANOC data centre. A Cold Aisle Containment system is in place, which is the first of its kind in Manchester, along with a highly efficient 80-NET UPS system.

What is Cold Aisle Containment within a data centre?

A Cold Aisle Containment system within a data centre makes sure cooled air is delivered to rack mounted equipment directly, as there are many factors within a rack or aisle that can affect the flow of cooled air.

A cold aisle and a hot aisle are created in the data centre, as the containment system prevents the warm air from getting into the cooled air aisles.

How does Cold Aisle Containment work?

Within the cold aisle of the MANOC data centre, blanking plates are clipped into each colocation rack where equipment is not located and also to the bottom of the rack. This prevents cold air from leaking through to the warm air and vice versa.

Blanking plates are installed from the top of the colocation rack to the finished ceiling in the cold aisle, or a lightweight plastic cover is placed between the two rows of colocation racks in the cold aisle to make a cold corridor.

This way the cold air can't escape and mix with the hot air unless it is sucked through the server and into the warm aisle. This also prevents warm air re-circulating back into the cold aisle.

80-NET UPS System

The 80-NET UPS system at the MANOC data centre has unprecedented power conversion efficiency, up to 100% (unity), leading to considerable energy savings throughout its service life.

This high efficiency of power conversion represents a one third reduction on the energy loses against other manufacturers UPS systems.

The UPS is fully compliant with the European Code of Conduct for UPS Efficiency and Chloride have recently won the European UPS Company of the Year.

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