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Glossary of Colocation Terms

You may or may not know what colocation means, the word is synonymously used with the different spellings of ‘co-location’ or ‘collocation’; although ‘colocation’ is the most frequent spelling you will find on the net.

Colocation: is used to mean the provision of space for a customer's telecommunications equipment, mainly servers, on the service provider's premises.

Colocation facility: sometimes known as a data centre, is a network-connected secure managed facility for the housing of telecommunications and IT infrastructure. All you have to do is purchase a web server and your web hosting company will then connect you to the Internet via their network

Why Colocate?

Colocating your servers with us takes the headache out of hosting, so you don't worry about finding IT staff support, an optimised hosting facility, Internet connectivity, security, data backup or anything else fo that matter related to your server being online, we can provide and manage it all for you.

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